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Desire Canada Immigration is better known as expert work permit consultants in Surrey. We are here to assist our clients with all type of Canada work permits including Intra-Company Transfers (ICT), LMIA Exempt, LIMA Work Permits, Post-Graduate Work Permits, International Experience Canada (IEC). Contact us for 100% genuine work permit consultancy in Surrey, BC.

Internationals who want to stay and work in Canada need a work permit, a legal document that allows the applicant to work in Canada. But for this, you have to apply for a work permit before you enter the country. In very few cases, applicants can do it at the border. If you had applied for a work permit before entering Canada, the visa officer would send you a Port of Entry, a Letter of Introduction. It will state that the applicant is accepted to enter the country. However, there are two types of work permits, which include:

  1. Employer Specific Work Permit
  2. Open Work Permit

Open work permit allow the applicant to work for any employer in Canada. Nonetheless, it is only given in certain situations. It is not allowed to applicants listed as eligible on the list of employers or applicants who offer escort services, striptease, erotic dance, or massages.

Work Permit Eligibility For All Applicants

  • Prove to leave the country once the work permit date expires
  • Show that you have sufficient money for you and your family for the essential needs and returning home
  • Proof of no record of criminal history with a police clearance certificate
  • Should not work under a company that is not eligible
  • You should not be a threat to the security of Canada
  • You must not work for the employer who provides escort services, erotic massages, dance or striptease
  • You must provide all the essential documents that the officer asks for

Eligibility For Applicants Living Outside Canada

Anyone can apply for a work permit before they enter the country regardless of their country and race. All you need is the required documents to be eligible for this.

Eligibility For Applicants Living Inside Canada

  • You must have a work permit.
  • Your family members or relatives such as parents, spouse or law-partner must have a work permit.
  • Students must graduate at a community college, trade school, Canadian university, publicly funded, or other eligible schools.
  • Temporary resident permit valid for up to six months or more
  • You will claim refugee protection
  • You must prove you are a protection person by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.
  • Allowed to work in Canada but need a work permit for a different job
  • You must have applied for the permanent residency from inside Canada and waiting for the final results
  • The applicant is a professional, investor, trade under NAFTA, or intra-company transferee

Eligibility For Port Of Entry Applicants

Applicant can apply for a work permit only if:

  • You do not require a visitor visa to enter the country
  • You are applying for an open work permit
  • The employer has completed all the essential formalities for the employer-specific work permit.

Work Permit Application Process

You can apply for a work permit both online and on paper. Here is why you can apply for a work permit online:

  • Get the application process done immediately, without any waiting for mail delivery or couriers.
  • Online applications proceeding are done quickly
  • You will be able to ignore delays 
  • Track the status of your online application

Work Permits Based On Categories

Business People

Business people can apply for a work permit if they qualify under the following trade agreements:

  • FTAs (Free Trade Agreements)
  • GATS (General Agreement on Trade in Services)
  • NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)


Professionals can visit Canada if:

  • Have a work permit
  • Is qualified enough to work in any of the specified jobs in NAFTA
  • Is accepted for a job in a Canadian firm in a particular field

Intra Company Transferee

The intra-company transferee can apply if:

  • Have A work permit
  • Works at a position of executive or manager in manager with specialized skills
  • Transferred to Canada for a short term period for work-related

International Student

You can apply if:

  • You are a full-time post-secondary student at CEGEP
  • Studied at a school that legally award degrees
  • Have social insurance number

Agricultural Worker

Eligible only if:

  • Government recruitment
  • Citizen of a country who participates in the SAWP program
  • Working as a SWAP employer in Canada

Traders And Investors

You will be only eligible if:

  • Have a work permit in advanced
  • Followed rules of NAFTA
  • Involved in supervising and executing a role that requires specific skills

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Desire Canada Immigration will help you apply for your work permit. Reach our work permit consultancy in Surrey if you are facing any difficulty completing your application process.