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Visitor Visa

A visitor visa is also known as a temporary resident visa, which allows an applicant to enter Canada from the airport or border. It allows the visitor to travel from any Canadian port. However, the Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) agent has the right to refuse entry to impermissible people. It is also referred to as an entry visa. To get the visitor visa, you have to inform the immigration officer that you will return after your first visit. It is one of the main concerns.

Types Of Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)

There are two types of Temporary Resident Visas that you can get:

  1. A single-entry visa: It allows you to enter Canada only once till the time of its validity.  If you leave Canada, excluding St. Pierre, Miquelon, and the United States, you must obtain a new Temporary Resident Visa to re-enter Canada.
  1. A multiple-entry visa: It allows you to re-enter Canada as long as you want till the time of its validity. But, you must arrive in Canada before the expiry date of your Temporary Resident Visa.

Not everyone requires a Temporary Resident Visa; it depends on the country and the citizenship.

How To Enhance Visitor Visa Application

There are multiple ways to enhance your visitor visa application. Firstly, you can start with representing yourself as an established applicant in your home country, including employment stability, proof of funds, assets, associations, family ties, etc. Next, applicants must explain why they want to visit Canada.

How Long Can Visitors Stay

The majority of the visitors stay for around six months in Canada. The border services officer might or might not allow you to stay for less or more than six months at the entry port. If they do, they will mark the date you need to leave by your Passover. Besides, they can also give you a document called a visitors record that shows the date you need to leave by. If you do not receive any spam in your passport, you can stay for six months from the day you entered Canada till the time it expires.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a visitor visa?

Ans: Visitor visa, also known as temporary resident visa, allows visitors to visit Canada for temporary, up to six months maximum.

Q: Why did you get a single entry visa instead of a multiple entry visa?

Ans: The number of visas one gets depends on the discretion of a visa officer. Not everyone becomes eligible for multiple entry visas. A single visa is issued in the case of:

  • An applicant who is eligible for a free-exemptions or enter Canada for an official visit
  • Country guidelines or procedures as approved by IRCC
  • An applicant who is participating in the one-time event in Canada

Q: How Can I help my friend apply for a visitor visa to visit Canada?

Ans: Any applicant who wishes to visit Canada must apply from outside of the country. Besides, you have to ensure the needs of your friends, the type of travel document needed, how they will travel etc. However, it is highly important to find out all the essential documents that are needed before applying. If they need a visitor visa, they must have an invitation in support of their application. Generally, an invitation letter words, but it does not always help the applicant get a visa.

Q: How can I get a temporary resident visa?

Ans: You can hire a representative or an agent who will help you with your application. One important thing to note is that the agent or representative must be a lawyer or paralegal member of a reputed Canadian provincial or territorial law society. He or she can also be a renowned Chambre des notaires du Québec or an immigration consultant who works at the famous Canada Regulatory Council as an immigration consultant.

Seeking Visitor Visa?

Desire Canada Immigration is here to help you get a visitor visa. You can sign up and fill the free assessment, and our professional will call you for further details and proceedings.

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