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Every year approximately 35 million people visit Canada to enjoy the opportunities the country has to offer. People who visit the country with visiting purposes, documenting the process, etc., are often stated as temporary residents.

Who Is A Temporary Resident?

A temporary resident is an international person eligible and legally authorized to enter the country for temporary grounds. A foreign national gets the temporary resident status where they are allowed to meet the requirements of the legislation to enter or remain in Canada as a worker, student, visitor, or temporary resident. This status is only held by the foreign nationals physically living in Canada. However, the process is under different categories.

A temporary resident is a legal document that aims to design, form, and implement policies and programs to ease the entry of students, workers, and visitors. Making sure their contribution maximizes Canada’s social, cultural, and economic development and protects Canadians’ health, security, and safety.

  • Students

International students can also obtain temporary residence in the form of study permits, allowing them to study. It is a legally written document issued to students to indulge in studies in Canada.

  • Workers

International workers are stated as the person who obtains temporary residence status that represents work permits, allowing them to work in Canada.

  • Visitors

Visitors who come under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations are considered temporary residents. However, an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), or Temporary Resident Visa, is required for those who seek to visit Canada temporarily.

  • Visitor Visa, also known as a temporary resident visa, allows an applicant to enter Canada through any port of entry. It is an official document with the passport that shows you are eligible to enter Canada. For more information regarding Visitor Visa, reach out to us!
  • A work permit is a Canadian work visa issued to individuals who wish to work in the country for a particular period. People can apply for it after getting a job acceptance from a Canadian employer. Keep on reading more details!
  • A Study Visa allows candidates to study in Canada, and for that, you need to attain a Canadian study permit that works as a Canadian student visa for the period. Once you get the Canadian study permit, students can apply to renew it while you are in Canada to continue their studies. Continue reading for more information regarding Study Visa!

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