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Canada allows super visas for parents, friends’ parents, and if you are one of those applicants, contact us on the given details.

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Super Visas Specially For Parents And Grandparents

Canada permits grandparents and parents of people to visit Canada for work and live as Canadian citizens. A super visa is the temporary resident permit for parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens to live in Canada. The super visa allows the parents and grandparents to come and stay in Canada for up to two years per visit. Besides, multiple-entry visas permit grandparents and parents to stay up to around six months per visit. Both types of visas are valid for around ten years in total.

Other than that, applicants who do not need a visitor visa can use a Super visa to stay in the country for around two years. In addition, parents and grandparents applying for this visa do not need a temporary residence visa.

Eligibility For Canada Super Visa

Letter Of Invitation
Before you apply for a Canada super visa, an applicant needs a letter of invitation from their child or grandchild. For that, the child or grandchild needs to be a permanent resident of Canada. In addition, the invitation must include that they will take care of the financial aid of their parents and grandparents until their time there in Canada. Besides, the letter of invitation should also include the number of members visiting Canada, and the child or grandchild present proof of Canadian Citizenship or permanent residency in Canada.

Medical Insurance
The child or grandchild also needs to represent the proof of medical insurance covered by an insurance company situated in Canada. It should have at least one year warranty from the date of entry and have a coverage of $100,000. And, the applicants must submit the document confirmation of the immigration medical exam while submitting other documents.

Required Income
The child or grandchild has to submit proof that he or she can meet the essential household income in Canada. They also have to submit proof of their income to financially take full responsibility for their parents and grandparents. It also includes bank statements, employment insurance, pay stubs, and many more.

Documents Required For Canada Super Visa

  • Letter of invitation from child or grandchild
  • Bank and tax statements
  • Assessment of tax returns with the latest copy
  • Employment letter from child’s or grandchild’s work
  • Media fitness examination certificate
  • Employment insurance 
  • A document presenting minimum income

Application Process For Super Visa

  • The applicants have to apply for a Super Visa at the Canadian Visa office near their residence outside Canada. The visa officer may ask for additional documents depending on different categories.
  • The Canadian visa authorities access the applications based on various factors. For example, they ask the reason behind visiting Canada; parents and grandparents are also asked to maintain ties to their country. The officials also check the finances, family ties and other sorts of connections.
  • The applicants have to go through the medical exam. For the applications, you can either do it online or offline. The online proceedings are comparatively quicker than paper mode.

How To Extend Parents Or Grandparents Stay In Canada?

You can easily extend the stay of your parents or grandparents by applying for it before it expires. Then, if the applications get approved, they can get the record of a visitor that mentions their extension period in Canada.

Reach Out To Us For A Super Visa!

Take our free assessment for a super visa and visit your child or grandchild in Canada. It is a suitable option for you, and we are here to serve you with the best services. Once you complete the assessment, our team will reach out to you for the proceedings.