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Apart from other immigration services, Desire Canada Immigration is better known for study visa consultancy in Surrey. We have years of experience in the field of educational consultancy and helped hundreds of students get their study permit. Our study visa consultants Surrey offer consultancy to both on-shore and off-shore students.

What is a Study Visa?

Canada is considered one of the top countries for international students to complete their education. However, if you are interested in studying in Canada, you have to get a Canadian study visa.

You can apply for a study visa through a study permit; it grants the allowance to the candidate to study in a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada. If you apply for a study permit, a candidate should know that they must meet the eligibility criteria to get the study visa. However, there are various steps involved in applying for a study permit and its processing time depends from country to country.

A foreign national cannot apply for a study permit until and unless he or she gets an acceptance letter from the university. Although, there are two sets of requirements while applying for a Canadian study: eligibility requirements and requirements, while one studies in Canada.

Eligibility Requirements For Canada Study Visa

  • Acceptance Letter: The candidate must have an acceptance letter from the Designated Learning Institution to apply for a Canadian study permit.
  • Proof Of Financial Support: You must have all the essential documents that show your financial proof, which includes that you can over the funds.
  • Other Documents: Other documents also need to be submitted when you submit permit applications. However, the documentation process varies from one country to the other. For more information regarding the applications, you can visit the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website’s official website.

Conditions To Retain Study Permit While Studying in Canada

If you obtain the study permit and enter Canada as an international student, you must look after the requirements below to maintain the validity.

  • Make progress towards completing your respective program
  • Be enrolled at the Designated Learning Institution
  • Follow the conditions listed on the study permit
  • Leave Canada when the validity expires 

How To Apply For Study Visa?

  • Check your eligibility criteria: You have to make sure that you have all the requirements needed for a Canadian study permit. The essential factor to look upon is an acceptance letter from the Designated Learning Institute, proof of financial assistance, and other required documents.
  • Go through your application: If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can start with your study permit application. But, first, make sure you have collected all the essential documents that are required.
  • Submit your study permit application: You have two options to submit your applications. You can either choose to submit your application through electric mode or either submit it through paper-mode.
  • If you are approved, visit Canada: If your applications get approved, you can visit Canada. But first, the Canadian immigration officer will issue a Port of Entry (POE), and you must keep it to show it to the immigration official while taking entrance.

Ready To Start?

Let us help you get your study permit and become an international student in Canada! You can start with taking student assessments for free, and our counsellor will reach out to you to discuss more options.