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Saskatchewan is situated in Western Canada’s prairie region. It is the hub of agricultural production in Canada, rich with farmlands. If you are planning to get a permanent resident for Saskatchewan, we are here to assist you!

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program(SINP) is a PNP program that allows nationals to become permanent Canadian residents. It is formed to help immigrants get permanent residency in Canada in their desired province based on various factors. The province organized different immigration streams, which is allocated in three significant categories:

Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker

Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker encloses three essential immigration streams created to permit skilled workers to work for Saskatchewan’s workforce and adapt to its lifestyle. Some streams also give priority to the workers who already have experience in a particular field, whereas other streams target workers with employment:

  • Saskatchewan Employment Offer: It targets the applicants having an offer letter from the employer of Saskatchewan who has scored high on the SINP Point Assessment Grid.
  • Saskatchewan Express Entry: This stream focuses on candidates of the express entry pool who have highly professional and work experience in an occupation not listed on the SINP occupation list.
  • Saskatchewan In-Demand Occupation: It attracts candidates with experience in one of Saskatchewan’s in-demand occupations, who score adequately high on the SINP Points Assessment Grid.

Saskatchewan Experience

Saskatchewan Experience surrounds five immigration streams which are designed to target workers who have experience. In such streams, workers must accept employment from a Saskatchewan employer to continue working the territory. However, certain streams prioritize workers with expertise in specific fields, facing shortages in the province.

  • Saskatchewan Health Professionals: This program attracts nurses, doctors, surgeons, and other health professionals who are already working in Saskatchewan and have offers for continuing employment.
  • Saskatchewan Existing Work Permit: It is formed to attract candidates who accept a Saskatchewan employer and are already working for the same Saskatchewan for six months before applying for it. All it requires is experience.
  • Saskatchewan Long-Haul Truck Driver Project: This stream is formed to target candidates with an employment offer from a trucking company in Saskatchewan six months before the application.
  • Saskatchewan Hospitality Sector Project: This program is focused on applicants who are currently working in Saskatchewan in the hospitality field and have a full-time offer for employment to continue their work.
  • Saskatchewan Students: It is an established stream that targets international students who have recently graduated from a Canadian university or college and have a minimum of six months of work experience in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Entrepreneur And Farm

Saskatchewan Entrepreneur and Farm holds two immigration streams established for individuals who have business management experience and wish to form a new business in Saskatchewan. It is for applicants with general business proposals in various sectors, while farm owners and operators are significantly for entrepreneurs in the agriculture sector.

  • Saskatchewan Entrepreneur: It is established for senior business managers and owners who want to expand their business in Saskatchewan. This stream requires a minimum of 3 years of work experience in business management and entrepreneurship with a CAD 200,000 investment, having a $500,000 net worth.
  • Saskatchewan Farm Owners and Operators: This stream is formed for owners and operators who wish to farm and settle in Saskatchewan with a permanent residency. It requires farm operation knowledge and experience with a personal net worth of CAD 300,000 and good faith deposit of CAD 75,000.

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