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The Owner-Operator Labour Market Impact Assessment is a vital tool for Business Immigrants seeking a way to get permanent residency in Canada. It helps the business immigrants enhance their Comprehensive Score Rating CRS by 200 points. It is best for highly qualified and experienced applicants eligible to make an Express Entry Profile, but their CRS score is not up to mark.

How To Qualify As An Owner-Operator

The owner-operator is not every foreigner interested in forming a business in Canada. If one wishes to qualify as an owner-operator, they must fulfil essential needs related to business control and how it benefits Canada.

Business Control

The term reflects that you must have a controlling interest in the business you desire to become an owner or operator. It says you either be the single owner or have the majority of the share in the business. In the simplest form of business control, it means whether you can lose your job position or not. It is not possible only if you are the owner-operator of the company.

Benefit To Canada In Job Creation Or Skill Transfer

Buying a business and representing yourself as an owner would not be enough to qualify as an owner-operator. Here comes the essential parameter: if you are actively involved in the participation or manage the business accordingly. You must form a strong business experience and have impressive track records in the past for creating and sustaining businesses. For the owner-operator program, you must plan a detailed strategy that plays a crucial role in executing Canada. Presence and participation are two key roles that will make you qualify for this program.

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