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Do you dream of settling in Canada? Are you looking to apply for a work permit? Need help with BC PNP application? Want to make Canada your forever home? Whatever your goals are, share them with Desire Canada Immigration to achieve them effortlessly. We are leading immigration consultants in Nanaimo with years of expertise in helping individuals realize their dream of migrating to Canada successfully.

Desire Canada Immigration has been serving its beloved clients with top-notch consultancy services for years. We love to see our clients succeed and achieve their goals by providing them with the right advice and guiding them right. Our dedicated team of migration agents in Nanaimo gives their 100% and ensures our clients don’t have to face any kind of in obtaining their desired visa, citizenship, work permit, etc.

If you are also planning to apply for a work visa, want express entry, or become a permanent resident in Canada, contact our migration for professional helps and achieve your goals effortlessly

Work Permit Made Easy with Years of Expertise

To legally work in Canada as an international student or migrant, you need a document called a work visa. Filing an application for a work visa with no clue about how Canadian immigration works and while being unaware of the complexity could be cumbersome. That’s where the experience of Desire Canada Immigration comes into play.

We have experienced and skilled migration agents who help our clients obtain work permits in no time. Our team of professionals works closely with our clients to determine their situation, eligibility and help them lodge their application for a work permit in Canada. The chances of approval, if you work with us and file your application accurately, will increase significantly.

Get Express Entry in No Time – Contact Us Today!

Individuals with skilled hands, moderate proficiency in English, and degrees can enter Canada with an express entry program. Are you also planning to stay and work in Canada? Probably yes; that’s why you are here! Desire Canada Immigration has employed experienced migration agents in Nanaimo who assist our clients in applying for express entry.

We leverage our years of expertise to determine whether you are eligible for express entry and applying for it is worth it according to your profile. Once we determine that express entry is perfect for you; we will give our 100% to prepare and file your application with all the required supporting documents.

Expert Visa Guidance on BC PNP

BC PNP is a high-demand program that provides permanent residency to skilled workers in British Columbia. If you plan to apply for BC PNP but are confused about where to start, contact our team of migration agents in Nanaimo today.

We will help you determine your eligibility and guide you through the whole process so that you can get PR through BC PNP effortlessly. Our team of expert migration agents is well-versed in Canadian immigration laws and would love to help you get permanent residency without hassle.

Why Work with Desire Canada Immigration?

Desire Canada Immigration is a reliable immigration consultant in Nanaimo, renowned for its top-notch immigration consultancy services. We want our clients to achieve their goals and lead impressive careers in their dream countries. Our team of experienced migration agents has also devoted their professional careers to helping our clients pave their way toward success.

Here is why we are an ideal choice for all your migration needs:

  • Transparent Dealings
  • High Success Rate
  • Experienced Migration Agents
  • Excellent Customer Service

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