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If you have a relative or family member living in Canada, you might become eligible to be sponsored to get Canadian permanent residence. Read further for more information:

Family And Spousal Sponsorship

Family and Spousal Sponsorship is the term used to describe the sponsoring of a relative to get a permanent residence in Canada. Besides, if you are a citizen of Canada or have a permanent resident of the country who is 18 or over, you can sponsor your family members to get Canadian permanent residents. If you become a permanent resident, you can enjoy studying, living and working in Canada. Apart from that, if you sponsor any relative or family member to reside in Canada permanently, you have to take care of them financially once they arrive in the country. This term is called undertaking, and it commits you to provide financial aid to the sponsored family members when they become permanent residents of the country. Besides, it is also known as the Sponsorship agreement.

Furthermore, you have to prove that you are not attaining any social assistance other than disability. If you are unemployed and getting financial aid, you are not allowed to sponsor a relative. Besides, if you are a Canadian Citizen who is currently not living in the country, you must exemplify when you plan to visit Canada. You cannot sponsor any relative or family member if you live outside Canada after getting a permanent resident.

Requirements To Be A Sponsor

  • The person must be 18 years or older.
  • You and the sponsored relative or family must sign the sponsorship agreement that allows you to provide financial support to relatives in need. The agreement also represents that the person who is the permanent residence of Canada will put efforts to support the sponsored family.
  • You must offer financial support to the spouse, common-law or partner for the three years from the date.
  • Last but not least, you must provide financial support to the dependent child for a minimum of 10 years or till the child turns 25.

Relative Or Family You Can Sponsor

  • Spouse – Same-sex, Inland,
  • Outside
  • Common-Law Partner
  • Parents
  • Dependent Children
  • Conjugal Partner
  • Grandparents
  • Brothers, Sisters,
  • Granddaughters, Orphaned,
  • Grandsons
  • Another relative

Sponsoring Your Spouse

The spousal sponsorship program is a subgroup of the Family Class immigration category. Under this immigration program, a Canadian citizen may sponsor a spouse or partner for Canadian permanent resilience. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada must approve both the citizen or foreign national to receive the visa. To get a visa, the partner must demonstrate their relationship under different categories.

Sponsoring For Children

By birth or adopted children, both can have the right to be sponsored to live with their parents by getting a permanent residency in Canada. The child sponsorship program is under the category of the Family Class of Immigration. To receive the visa, the sponsor and sponsored person must prove their relationship. The individuals who are still in the proceedings can begin sponsoring.

To Apply

  • Read the elements as mentioned above and make sure you are eligible for this.
  • Go through all the instructions carefully before filling out the forms.
  • Organize your documents and get the ones still pending to provide specific proof of your relationship and income.
The relatives have to pass a security check, medical exam, and criminal background check. Moving ahead, you will be eligible for paying application fees, including processing fee, biometric fee, and permanent residence fee. Afterwards, mail your application to the mentioned address.

Family Sponsorship Assessment

If you want to sponsor your family or relative, or if you are the one who is seeking sponsorship, Desire Canada Immigration is here to help you! Firstly, you have to complete the sponsorship assessment, and our team will reach out to you to discuss more options.

Contact Family & Spousal Sponsorship Consultant

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