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What Is Express Entry Program?

Express Entry is a fast-track immigration program announced in January 2015. It opens up immigration opportunities for people with professional experience focusing on immigrating to Canada. Through express entry program, one can apply for Canadian Permanent Residency under three different federal economic immigration programs, namely Federal Skilled Worker Program(FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program(FSTP) and Canadian Experience Class(CEC) .

How Does Express Entry Work?

Express Entry allows applicants to make an online profile. If the candidates meet the required criteria for any economic programs, they are permitted to enter the pool of Express Entry candidates.

Some regions and territories also enlist candidates from the Express Entry pool for the Provincial Nominee Program. The federal and territorial employers and governments can pick from the listed pool of candidates.

Step 1 – Eligible Candidates Fill An Online Express Entry Form

In simple words, candidates eligible for the Express Entry program can complete their profile online, which will significantly include details about their skills, personal information, previous work information, language, and ability. Candidates who succeed in the mentioned criteria of one or more will be enlisted into a pool of eligible individuals. All the listed individuals will be top-ranked based on their economic success.

Step 2 – The Government Permits Successful Candidates And Permanent Residency Will Be Refined Within 6 Months

Candidates who rank high in the pool based on their experiences, eligibility, skills, job offers will be allowed to apply for permanent residency through an Invitation to Apply (ITA). They will have to submit their electronic application within 60 days. Moreover, candidates who applied for the Express Canada program but did not get an invitation to apply for permanent residency can raise their profile after a year and re-enter the pool.

Point System

Candidates who applied get points for various factors that put up to success in Canada, such as language, education, experience, and an offer of nomination or employment from a region.

The highest points a candidate can get is 1200. However, 50 or 200 points given to candidates are for the qualifying job offer, and candidates with employment from a territory get 600 points.

Invitation To Apply

Candidates are ranked based on their points. The highest-ranked candidates or those who qualify for the job offer or regional nominations will receive an invitation to apply (ITA) and an issue to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

Suppose candidates do not get a valid offer from the government or territorial nomination. In that case, they can register to Canada’s Job Bank, which will take them forward to connect with adequate Canadian employers.

Requirements For Express Entry Program

To successfully apply, candidates must qualify in any of the federal economic classes mentioned below. You should remember that the requirements of each class may vary:

Federal Skilled Worker Program(FSWP)

If you plan to become permanently reticent through this program, you must meet language ability, education, and work experience requirements. The work experience should be full-time or paid part-time in the same job in less than ten years. The language requirements include proof of Canadian language or other approved language tests in less than two years. For education, the applicants must need a post-secondary certificate, degree, diploma, complete foreign credentials, or must have studied from Canadian secondary school to become eligible.

Federal Skilled Trades Program(FSTP)

Skilled workers for the Federal Skilled Trades Program must have minimum work experience and language ability requirements. The work must include a minimum of two years of full-time or part-time experience in less than five years in the skilled trade. Besides, applicants must also show their relevant experience in performing their duties. Language scores can be lower but with satisfactory results. They must have either full-time employment for an entire year at last or have certification in their skilled trades by the regional authority of Canada.

Canadian Experience Class(CEC)

To be eligible for this program, candidates must attain the minimum work experience and requirements. The minimum work experience should be of at least 12 months in Canada with proper approval in the last three years before applying to this class.

Applicants who become eligible or meet the requirements of any of the classes mentioned will automatically get a chance to enter as candidates in the Express Entry pool. However, there are more proceedings, and entering the express pool does not guarantee an Invitation to Apply.

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