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Federal Programs

The Federal program is used to select profoundly talented laborers to get Permanent Residency in Canada. There are over 347 interest occupations and it is structured to be one of the fastest strategies to get a PR Visa in Canada. The applicants who meet the base of required qualification criteria can apply for this program.

Qualifications For Federal Program

  1. A candidate must possess at least one year of experience as full-time in the last 10 years of applying
  2. The applicants must be classified within Skill type 0, Skill level 1 or Skill level B
  3. Must have at least 67 points under skill assessment grid
  4. Must have a full time job letter from Canadian employer and qualify with labour market impact assessment.
  5. Meet the Candian language benchmark requirement of 7 in English or French.
  6. Have enough funds to settle in Canada.

Steps for Applying

  1. Create your own personal Express Entry profile. Then apply as a worker with an Expression of Interest and submit it to CIC
  2. Your profile will receive a score on the CRS
  3. If you Score high Canada will send you an invitation to apply for permanent residence
  4. Complete all the security checks and health clearance
  5. A Visa officer will look over your application and approve if correct
  6. Pay the Permanent Residence fee

Canada Self Employed Program

The Canadian government provides immigration programs for individuals who are self-employed in some industries.

Federal Self-Employed Persons Program

A candidate must show that the individual has horticultural, imaginative, or athletic experience that will show that the individual will be independent once in Canada.

To be eligible for Canada Self employed program you must have the following:

  1. Have relevant experience
  2. Be eager and ready to be utilized in Canada
  3. Meet program requirements
  4. Meet medical and security checks

Your experience is considered relevant if you have the following:

  1. You have been involved in social experiments and sports at a world class level
  2. Been individually employed at social events at a world class level.

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