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Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program helps employers in Atlantic Canada hire international skilled workers who want to get permanent residency in Canada and foreign graduates who want to stay in Atlantic Canada once they graduate. Three programs are fiend to hire candidates for the job, which are as follow:

  • Atlantic International Graduate Program

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must have all educational requirements
  • Should have lived in an Atlantic province for at least 16 months in the last two years before attaining their diploma, degree, or other credentials
  • Must go through a language test to prove they can communicate in French or English
  • Applicants must have enough money to support their families and themselves in Canada.
  • No work experience is required for this program.

Education Requirements

The candidate must meet all the necessary education requirements including, he or she must have at least a two-year diploma, certificate, degree, or apprenticeship or trade credential. However, all these credentials should be publicly approved by institutions in the Atlantic province. Besides, the candidate must have been a full-time student for the entire duration of the course. The applicant must have lived in Atlantic province for a minimum of 16 months. Candidates with distance learning for more than half the length of the study cannot apply for this program.


Applicants who are educated in Canada must approve the language tests. English or French are proof that a candidate is eligible to communicate while living and working in Canada. Candidates can send the results if they have passed the tests and are less than two years old.

Funds Proof

Applicants must have enough funds for themselves and their families living in Canada. However, the funds depend on the size of the family.

Application Submission

If the applicant and employer meet all the requirements after obtaining the job letter, they can apply.

  • Atlantic High-Skilled Program

Work Experience

The applicant must have worked for a minimum of 1,560 hours in the last three years. The skill level is categorized as O, A, B, or C.

Calculation Of Total Working Hours

  • Total working hours of full-time and part-time jobs have to be counted.
  • The hours are counted based on one particular specification, and total working hours can be from several employers.
  • Unpaid internships would not be counted. In simple words, applicants must have been fully paid for the number of working hours.
  • If the applicant is self-employed, working hours would not be counted.

Education Requirement

  • The candidate must have any one of the following:

    • A post-secondary degree,  secondary degree, certificate, or diploma from a  Canadian high school
    • A foreign degree, diploma, or certificate equal to a Canadian credential

Employers Designation

  • Before hiring the applicant, the employer must be designated by the provincial government of the Atlantic province. If a company wants their organization to be designated, it should be:

    • The organization must be operating in the Atlantic province for at least two years.
    • Trustworthy
    • Works with a settlement service provider
    • Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Program

Work Requirements

  • Applicants must have work experience at C skill level, highly specified by NOC (National Occupational Classification) Skill level C jobs that ask for a high-level school secondary education or job training, including industrial butchers, beverage and food servers, long-haul truck drivers.
  • The applicant must have work experience as a registered nurse or psychiatric nurse of Skill level A or a practical licensed nurse of Skill level B.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Find if you are eligible for it, and look after the number of hours you have worked. Do your language testing, funds proof, and other requirements that are needed.
  2. Obtain a job offer that meets all the requirements, such as the employer must be from Atlantic province where you will be working. It must be full-time work, where you would be working for at least 30 paid hours in a week. The job must be non-seasonal, and you should be consistently paid throughout the year.
  3. When you are done with all the proceedings, go on with your application for permanent residence. Collect the documents which are needed with your application to save a lot more time.

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