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Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) proposes individuals get permanent residence in Alberta. However, the nominee must have the required ability and skills to fulfil the job shortages in the territories and provide for their families. This program is run by both the Alberta government and the federal government.

If an individual gets nominated through this program, they can apply for permanent residency in Canada. They are allowed to do it with their spouse, children, and common-law partner. Although, the application for permanent residence is managed by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

The decision is taken only after the government goes through the requirements checks, including security checks, criminal checks, and medical checks.

Selection Criteria For Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

Work Permit Eligibility Criteria

When AINP assesses the application, the applicant must have temporary resident status in Canada. It permits you to work as a temporary foreign worker in Canada. Candidates who are eligible if:

  • Approved Labour Market Impact Assessment
  • Or workers get an LMIA based on:
    • International experience Canada
    • International trade agreements 
    • Workers transferred in the same company
  • Post-Graduate Work Permit Holder

The postgraduate’s occupation should be related to the field of Alberta, along with the credentials approved by the Alberta Advanced Education, given for the following:

  • Graduate-level degree
  • Graduate-level diploma
  • Graduate-level certificate
  • Diploma program minimum for two years
  • Undergraduate bachelor’s degree
  • Postgraduate certificate minimum of one year duration

Ineligibility Criteria

  • Temporary residents living or working in a province of Canada other than Canada
  • Refugees or individuals involved in federal removal
  • Internationals living or working in Canada without any valid temporary status

Work Experience Requirements

The current occupation of the applicants must match the work experience with the time when the application is postmarked. However, at the time of application, the applicant must have full-time work experience of at least 12 months in Alberta in less than 18 months. Or the applicant must have 24 months of work experience in Alberta in less than 30 months abroad or Canada. In contrast, postgraduate work permit holders must have work experience of at least six months in Alberta in the last 18 months.

Language Requirements

The applicant must have a minimum score of 4 in English or French. If candidates apply for jobs in the NOC code for 3413 categories, the minimum score is 7 in English or French. While the test results should be within years old at the time application is cosigned.

Educational Requirements

The necessary education requirement is at least a high school education in your country to meet the needs of Alberta.

Occupation Requirements


When the application is cosigned and managed by AINP, you must be working in Alberta in an eligible occupation that matches the previous work experience.


  • Actors, singers, musicians, comedians, authors, and writers
  • Home child-care providers
  • Athletes
  • Legislators
  • School or university teachers
  • Harvesting and mining labourers
  • Casino occupations 
  • Trappers or hunters
  • Real Estate person
  • Painters, visual artists, or sculptors
  • Escort agency managers
  • Dental Laboratory assistant

Express Entry is a fast-track immigration program announced in January 2015. It opens up immigration opportunities for people with professional experience focusing on immigrating to Canada. Through express entry program, one can apply for Canadian Permanent Residency under three different federal economic immigration programs, namely Federal Skilled Worker Program(FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program(FSTP) and Canadian Experience Class(CEC) .

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