Canada Ready to Welcome 500,000 New Immigrants in 2025

Canada Ready to Welcome 500,000 Immigrants

Canada just released its Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025 and is all ready to welcome 465,000 new immigrants in 2023, 485,000 new immigrants in 2024 and 500,000 new immigrants in 2025 with an aim to support its economic growth, reunite families, and offering asylum to refugees fleeing hardship abroad.

1. The target for Express Entry and PNP will rise

Most of new immigrants who become permanent residents do so via Provincial Nomination Programmes or Express Entry for which the targets will also rise.

For express entry, the new target is:

For PNP, the new target is:

2. PGP Admissions will rise

Under the Spouses, Partners, and Children programme, Canada will continue to seek to accept about 80,000 new immigrants each year. The Parents and Grandparents Program’s target population will increase to 28,500 in 2023, 34,000 in 2024, and 36,000 in 2025.

3. Humanitarian & Refugee target to decline

The overall target for the refugee population will be somewhat more than 76,000 new landings in 2023 and 2024, before falling to 72,750 in 2025. The humanitarian class target is on a downward trend as well, falling from around 16,000 in 2023 to 8,000 in 2025.

Canada’s Immigration Strategy

The population of Canada is among the oldest in the world. By 2030, nine million individuals, or over one-fourth of Canada’s population, will be of retirement age. Because of this, there will be a severe labour shortage in all spheres of the economy.

According to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), the government is required to announce the Immigration Levels Plan each year by November 1. The 2022–2024 immigration levels plan was the second to be released in 2022.